Me and Max

I had never given portraiture much thought until early 2014 when a friend, Louisa Chircorp, proposed painting my portrait for the Archibald Prize. The result was both truthful and unflattering so I had to comfort myself with Rembrandt’s comment.

But let’s be blunt about it, a portrait painting competition like the Archibald is a stupid […]

New Artist?

New artist? was written for the Object and Idea exhibition held at the National Gallery of Victoria in November 1973. The curator Brian Finemore had discussed the exhibition with me several years earlier when I had jokingly complained about being left out of the the NGVs 1968 opening blockbuster, The Field. “Dear boy, we […]

Love among the ruins

This article was written for a sustainability themed issue of Artlink magazine, Vol 34 No 4, 2014. This version is as originally written, structured differently to the published version although the content is substantially the same.

Love among the ruins

Is art sustainable? Well of course that depends on whether you mean the official or the […]

Art As A Verb

Art As A Verb was an exhibition at Monash University Museum of Art 3 October – 16 December 2014, “a major thematic exhibition that takes as its departure point the concept of art as action, both inside the gallery and beyond. ”

I had one work in it, the circular tug of war originally shown in […]

21st Century Artist

21st Century Artist was a conference held at Artspace in October 2013. It was remarkable for several reasons. Firstly if the proceedings were to be believed then the 21st century artist will be no different to the 20th century artist, and little different to the 19th century artist. Secondly apparently climate change will have […]

Art Forms

These are examples of a large series of works I did in early 1970. Almost all were damaged so they exist now in two forms, the damaged original and a high resolution print with all damage removed.

I was not happy with them at the time and many were consciously derivative as I experimented with […]

Notes On The Works

The exhibition at Artspace, Woolloomooloo Sydney in November 2013 was originally conceived as a survey but one that attempted to come to grips with the problem that most of my work was not conceived with exhibition in mind, it always had other forms of distribution.  In the end it became something different, an exploration […]

Homage to Tatlin

Usually when you hear the name Vladimir Tatlin you think of his proposed 400 metre tall Monument to the Third International, a project that was never built but if it had been would now be regarded as one of the wonders of the world.

But there was far more to Tatlin than that. In fact, […]

Shoot for the head!

June 2012 was the 250th issue of Art Monthly Australia and I was one of a number of writers commissioned to celebrate the occasion by writing about “critical art writing”. My article, which became the lead, was not exactly reverential in tone, in fact I took a fair amount of delight in rubbing in […]

Why Stuff Doesn’t Matter

This is a lecture I gave in 2010 at the University of New South Wales College of Fine Arts. Joanna Mendelssohn, the lecturer who asked me to give the talk , is one the very few academics in Sydney who has both been aware of my work from almost the beginning and is politically […]