Notes On The Works

The exhibition at Artspace, Woolloomooloo Sydney in November 2013 was originally conceived as a survey but one that attempted to come to grips with the problem that most of my work was not conceived with exhibition in mind, it always had other forms of distribution.  In the end it became something different, an exploration of remaking and also the future role of museums. These prints, basically summaries and blueprints for remaking works, were the core of the exhibition with each accompanied by a full size work based on the instructions in the print.

Here is the entire exhibition.

Photos by silversalt


This is the review by Gina Fairley for Artshub Ian Milliss Big Come Back
And as part of their writer program Artspace commissioned an essay by Chloé Wolifson which is one of the most perceptive essays ever written on my work. Ian Milliss: Notes on the Works




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