Whatever you came looking for 1 & 2

In late 2010 an email appeared from someone named Iakovos Amperidis asking would I do an exhibition for his new gallery about to open at 55 Sydenham Road Sydenham.

I promptly replied “No and who are you?”

He emailed back that he was an artist raised by his Greek single mother who worked as a cleaner. He had become a teenage graffiti artist but had no experience of art until finding art books in the library which had inspired him to eventually go to art school.

I replied that his biography was about as plausible as Ern Malley’s but I agreed to at least meet him for a coffee where I discovered the whole implausibly romantic story was true.

So I agreed to do the second exhibition at the gallery in early 2011.

I produced a single spray painted wall, a nod to both graff and stencil art. Just to confuse interpretation I left a single dollar coin lying on the floor to be renewed whenever anyone took it. I assume Iakovos took it to buy coffee.

It was a work I was fond of, slight but perfectly formed, so when I was doing my survey exhibition two years later at Artspace I revisited it in a different form. Same colours and snowflake stencils but this time with a cloud of names, some of the many URLs I had registered for projects that I had never got around to doing. There was nothing to see at any of the URLs either.

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